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Koala Brand

Natural Essential Oil and Balm - Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lavender and Jasmine

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Welcome to Koala Brand!

I am excited to introduce to you the finest grade and most uniquely blended products you will find. I am confident you will join the countless number of customers who have received significant results for their individual needs. Koala Brand products were introduced during the latter part of 1995 and has grown well beyond my original expectations.

Koala Brand carries four essential oils:

  • Oil of Eucalyptus is extraordinary for pain relief, respiratory relief, and much more.
  • Tea tree Oil is a powerful essential oil, which is excellent for skin disorders.
  • Lavender Oil is phenomenal for calming and relaxation.
  • Jasmine Oil is a remarkable, uplifting essential oil for body, mind, and spirit.

NOTE: These oil and balm products are not meant to replace any physician's diagnosis or treatment.

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