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About Koala

Koala Brand - Established 1995Welcome to Koala Brand Products… Where a world of difference can be achieved… NATURALLY!
My name is Dache’ Stinson, owner of Koala Brand…..Natural Essential Oil Products. I have been relieving people’s discomfort since 1995. My products still amaze me on a daily basis when it comes to the relief they have brought to literally thousands of customers with an enormous variety of ailments.

I became familiar with the beneficial effects of essential oils years ago when I practiced massage therapy. After a great deal of traveling to various states promoting my products, today, because of Koala Brands’ success, I have the good fortune of managing the majority of my business through my website in the privacy of my home. I still do a few select shows now and then as I still enjoy the “personal” contact with my loyal, repeat customers as well as educating and introducing my products to new potential customers and “naturally” enhancing their lives as well! I have never done any advertising regarding my products… it’s all been one happy customer telling another, telling another, etc.

Owner Dache' Stinson and Family
My reputation speaks for itself and my products are, I believe, the best on the market today…..uniquely blended, as well as highly concentrated with the finest and highest grade of essential oils available! My website is here for those of you I can’t personally meet… please take a few minutes to discover the wonderful world and beneficial effects of Koala Brand Products and change your life….”Naturally” your relief is just a “click” away… thank you and feel free to contact me at the number listed below if you have any questions!