Eucalyptus Oil and Balm

Eucalyptus Oil – 8 oz.


Premium Eucalyptus Oil is nature’s pain relief remedy in an 8 oz. bottle

Author“I use Koala Brand Oil of Eucalyptus to relieve my sore muscles and I also use it for breathing and it really works. I love this product and would recommend it to anyone.

Don, Phoenix AZ –

Author“I had a 3 disk rupture in my back and was in a lot of pain–not only in my back but also in my hips and legs. I purchased the eucalyptus oil and also the balm and it has relieved my pain immensely. I rub it on my back, hips and legs whenever I felt the pain flaring up and if I’m worse one day, I will soak in a tub of hot water and eucalyptus oil. These products are fantastic for my pain relief and I would highly recommend “Koala Brand” products to anyone.

Joann, Kewana, IN -

Author“For arthritis sufferers, I don’t think there is a better product on the market. I’ve suffered from arthritis in my shoulders, neck, back, and hands for years. After purchasing Koala Brand Oil of Eucalyptus, I finally found a product that really works and absolutely love the fact that it’s all natural. Buy it… you’ll love it!”
Norma, WI -